Calling all passengers for flights to Hawaii

Departure point at Sydney International Airport


On the 1st of December 2013, approximately 4:30pm my mum, sister and I headed to Oahu, Hawaii our first international trip that we done together. To date we still talk about it- everything was awesome about it. The excitement was too much I cannot explain. It being my first international trip I had hundreds of questions.

We arrived 3 hours prior to our flight, we were way too excited. First thing we done after the departure point was shop! Why? Its duty free, duh! Everything was cheaper than normal (especially perfume and cosmetics). We bought perfume and perfume and well perfume.

Counting the hours down I walked around the airport exploring new things and amazed by the littlest things that the airport offered. I was always told that the airport was full of excitement and i defiantly felt that.

It came time to board the plane and unfortunately for us the plane was full so we couldn’t take up some seats. The flight was around 9-10 hours and I think I only slept for around 1-2 hours while my mum and sister managed to sleep through more of it. After hours and hours of self entertainment, listening to music, watching movies, eating, and “trying” to sleep we arrived!

Greeted by friendly strangers all around us the only thing I took in was “Aloha” and the beautiful and colourful lei thrown over us. We hoped in a mini van which was taking us to our hotel and that was a great time as we got to see the suburban side of Oahu, a side where many tourists don’t see or visit.

After around a 30 minute drive we arrived at our hotel, “Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach”. It was beautiful and yet again greeted by so many amazing people. We checked into our room, put our bags down and headed straight outside to explore what was around us.

out first dinner was at the cheese cake factory and did not disappoint. many people told us to go try not only their cheesecakes but their food. we had an amazing dinner and had a yummy cheesecake after. we even tipped out waiter (that is usually an expectation in the USA), something that i was so intrigued by.

As the days went by doing activities, sightseeing, shopping, dinners and tipping our 10 day trip to Hawaii was coming to an end. Our final day we spent by Waikiki Beach soaking in the sun and enjoying our last view of the amazing sunset that Hawaii has got to offer.

The next morning we where all awake by 5am and were headed back to the airport all tired and tanned. As we wait in the long lines at airports we reminisce about an spontaneous holiday we had.

When we headed onto the plane we noticed it was a lot quieter and there was plenty of empty seats something that we were all excited about after a long trip. We had 2 seats on our own and were able to rest better.

For the next 9-10 hours of our journey I was asleep for around 5-6 hours which made the returning flight for me a lot more easier. We arrived back into Sydney all exhausted and in need of good rest.

Waikiki Beach on our final day